Sunday, November 17, 2013

Librarians as Platform

My understanding of libraries has grown tremendously throughout this semester.  The idea of the library as a platform resonates with me and I believe that this platform undoubtedly facilitates knowledge creation.  In many of my courses this semester I feel as if I've been giving the resources and the tools to succeed, but it is ultimately up to me to make it work.  I feel as if this is an adequate representation of what a library should strive to be.  

By sharing their experience, librarians are able to accommodate the needs of their patrons while distancing themselves from that of a tutor.  The library is their to provide resources, a physical space as well as a list of services, which may include tutoring, for the individual to succeed.  The example of the community garden at the Onondaga Public Library is a perfect example of how the library can be a platform beyond the stacks.  I think how the library positions itself within the community is up to the librarian.  The library can be whatever the community needs it to be so long as the librarian allows it to happen.    

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