Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why Libraries

Professor Lankes made several good arguments about why libraries exist and why they need to continue to exist.  Perhaps the most interesting thing that was discussed in the lecture was the cost of online databases.  As a student, I take for granted the access we have to these resources.  If I had to pay any amount of money to use the resources I would probable not do it (Yes, tuition pays for it, but I don't look at it in those terms).  I feel like it is a public service having access to these resources and one that is needed.

Another interesting point raised was that Libraries generate more economic growth than the cost to run the libraries.  I know there are groups of people that want to completely defund libraries and I wonder if they're aware of this data.  I even wonder if the data would matter to certain people because while libraries produce economic growth they don't operate as a business with the intention of making money.

What will be the role of libraries in the future is a question that I have begun to think about while taking this class.  I don't think I have enough experience in the field to truly put forth a valid opinion.  However, I have learned that librarians provide valuable services to the community and I have started taking advantage of these services this semester.  The online reference librarian offered through the ask 24/7 service has been extremely beneficial to my research on projects.  If i'm having trouble finding information or am just too lazy to look deeply, the reference librarian happily assists me to what I'm looking for.

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